Austin Acupuncturists at Guan Yin Chinese Medicine Clinic


It is time to take control of your health.  Visit our acupuncturists.  Let us take you on a journey to explore the mysterious yet very powerful healing arts.  You may even have a chance to experience our Jin Shou Zhi (Golden Fingers 金手指)* or Jin Shou Zhang (Golden Palms 金手掌)*.

At Guan Yin Chinese Medicine Clinic, we treat all kinds of health conditions – acute, chronic (5 years, 20 years, or longer), physical, and emotional. Appointments and treatments are customized for each individual’s needs. Everyone is attended to with compassion and respect.  We offer plenty of time to listen to and discuss your concerns.

We do not treat just symptoms.  In addition to Chinese Medicine, western medicine also plays a crucial role in our decision making and diagnosis.  We identify and resolve root causes of your health conditions. Traditional and modern Chinese Medicine techniques are exercised in our treatment procedures.  We do not want you to feel good; we want you to feel great.

We believe your participation is vital to the road of vitality.  We work with you to solve your conditions and achieve optimum health.

 *Jin Shou Zhi and Jin Shou Zhang are Chinese healing techniques developed and used only at Guan Yin Chinese Medicine Clinic.  They are not the same as generally known Qi Gong.  Healing power is delivered through fingers or palms rather than needles.  Based on our study, not everyone is a candidate for these techniques. Visit our acupuncturists and find out if you may benefit from these techniques.